Automatic Analysers ASVP

OilLab 710
Air Satured Vapour Pressure

OilLab 710: ASVP, Air Satured Vapour Pressure

ASTM D5191
IP 394
EN 13016-1

CE marked

Subject: Gasoline

Automatic analyser for determination of Air Satured Vapour Pressure - DVPE

Principle of detection

A chamber of 15 ml is maintained at 0.1 kPa and 37.8°C. A quantity of 3 ml of sample, with a temperature of 0 °C, after the air saturation procedure, is automatically injected by means of a pneumatic injector inside the cell of 15 ml. Due to the temperature a certain volume of sample changes from the liquid phase to the gas phase. This mutation modifies the absolute pressure inside the chamber. When the stabilisation of the pressure is reached, the volume of the absolute pressure obtained will be considered as the total vapour pressure.

Main Features

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Software Features

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