Automatic Analysers Flash Point

OilLab 670 - Cleveland

OilLab 670 - Cleveland

DIN 51376
EN 22592 (obs.)
IP 36
ISO 2592

CE marked


Flash and Fire Point on petroleum products, gas oils, fuel oils, lubricants. Suitable for flash and fire point detection on different substances and waste materials, having a flash point over 79°C.

Measuring Cleveland Principle

The sample is warmed up according the methods. When the sample reaches the selected test temperature, the flame is passed automatically above the sample. When the flash point is reached, the detection is done by an ionisation detector. For fire point detection, the sample continues to be heated until permanent flame is detected by the second PT100 probe, then the auto extinguisher will be placed on the top of the test cup.

Measuring Cleveland Devices

Measuring Temperature Probe

Measuring Parameters

Software Features

The software includes:

Analysis Menu

Diagnostic Menu

Calibration Menu

Data Utilities

Integrated Touch Screen Panel PC

Test Cup

OilLab 670 - Cleveland: test cup closing system

The test cup closing system is totally automatic and grant the maximal security as well as the two electrical ignitors which grant the continuous presence of the test flame.

OilLab 670 - Cleveland: detection system

The Flash Point detection system, which is composed by a ring sensor for the ionization’s determination, constitutes the essential component granting high repeatability and excellent results. Furthermore, a sensor detects the presence of the flame for fire point determination. The device are mounted on a mechanical arm with automatic positioning during analysis.

OilLab 670 - Cleveland: flame pilot

The test flame pilot is equipped with a flame size regulator as well as a position and direction device for a fine adjustment.

OilLab 670 - Cleveland: LAB-670-12-01, tools kit for bitumen


The head can also be equipped with a paddle used to move the surface and perform tests on bitumen.


Electrical Supply

Cord Cable

Ambient Temperature




Spare Parts

Calibration Tools