Automatic Analysers Flash Point

OilLab 690 - Tag

OilLab 690 - Tag

ASTM D56 - D3278 - D3934 - D3941
IP 304 - IP 491 - IP 492
ISO 1516 - ISO 1523 - ISO 3679

CE marked


Flash point on petroleum products having a flash point between ambient temperature and +93°C. Suitable for flash point detection on different substances and (NO) waste materials, solvents…

Measuring Tag Principle

The sample is warmed up according to the methods. When the sample reaches the selected test temperature, the shutter is opened and the ignition system introduces itself automatically. If the flash point is reached, the detection is done by an ionisation detector. If not, the shutter closes again and the sample continues to warm up until the next test temperature.

Measuring Tag Devices

Measuring Temperature Probe

Measuring Parameters

Software Features

The software includes:

Analysis Menu

Diagnostic Menu

Calibration Menu

Data Utilities

Integrated Touch Screen Panel PC

Test Cup


Cooling System

Ignition System


Electrical Supply

Cord Cable

Ambient Temperature



Spare Parts

Calibration Tools