Automatic Analysers Flash Point

OilLab 620
Rapid Equilibrium Closed Cup

OilLab 620: RECC, Rapid Equilibrium Closed Cup

ASTM D3828
IP 303
EN ISO NF 3679

Marchio CE


These test methods cover procedures for the determination of the flash point by a small scale closed tester. The procedures may be used to determine the actual flash point temperature of a sample or whether a product will or will not flash at a specified temperature (flash/no flash).

Measuring R.E.C.C. Principle

A specimen of a sample is introduced by means of a syringe into the cup of the selected apparatus that is set and maintained at the specific temperature/expected flash point. After a specified time a test flame is applied and the observation made whether or not a flash occurred.

Measuring R.E.C.C. Devices

Measuring Temperature Probe

Measuring Parameters

LabLink operating Software

The software includes:

Analysis Menu

Diagnostic Menu

Calibration Menu

Data Utilities

Integrated Touch Screen Panel PC

Test Cup

OilLab 620: RECC, sliding shutter

Automatic opening, closing and positioning of the sliding shutter.

OilLab 620: RECC, test cup

The test cup is completely made of aluminium and is equipped with a high temperatures resistant o-ring, allowing an uniform sealing of the closing cover.

OilLab 620: RECC, heating system

Particular attention has been paid to the heating system allowing the best heat’s transmission without dispersion on air. The power of the heater is therefore of only 420W but allows to obtain a temperature higher than 370°C.

OilLab 620: RECC, ionisation components

The ionisation components are the essential flash point detection system that grants excellent results and high repeatability. The quantity of sample (2 ml / 4 ml) is injected into the cup throught the filling orifice.

OilLab 620: RECC, two ignition systems

The instrument is equipped with two ignition systems. An electric pilot that ignites the test flame 30 seconds before the test.


Cooling System

Warning light and acoustic signal

When the test temperature is reached, the light blink and an acoustic signal is emitted to inform the operator that the sample must be injected.If the injection of the sample is not performed and confirmed the signal will be repeated after 30 seconds.


Electrical Supply

Cord Cable

Ambient Temperature



Spare Parts

Calibration Tools