Automatic Analysers Flash Point

OilLab 6000 - Leonardo
Pensky Martens

Oillab 600 - Pensky Martens

ASTM D93 procedures A, B, C
DIN EN 22719
IP 34
ISO 2719

CE marked


Flash Point on petroleum products, gas oils, fuel oils, lubrificants, biodiesel. Suitable for flash point detection on different substances, waste materials, solvents…

Measuring Pensky Martens Principle

The sample is heated and stirred at specified rates, using one of three defined procedures (A, B, or C). An ignition source is directed into the test cup at regular intervals with simultaneous interruption of the stirring, until a flash is detected.

Measuring Parameters

Measuring Temperature Devices

Pressure sensor

Detection system

Double ignition system



Cooling system

Safety Devices

Fire Extinguisher

Software Features

The software includes:

Analysis Menu

Diagnostic Menu

Calibration Menu

Data Utilities

The Analysis Menu

Access via password to the following menu:


Analysis storage:

The Analysis Menu

The Analysis Menu

Integrated Touch Screen Panel PC

Electrical Supply

Ambient Temperature



Accessories / Spare Parts

Calibration Tools