Linetronic Technologies

News: LT/DB-55112/M Digital densimetry bath, 12 test places,
working temperature up to 230°C.

DB-55112/M: Digital densimetry bath

News: OilLab 510 Foaming Tester - Air Bath. Four test position heated air bath for measuring the foaming tendencies of lubricating oils in the temperature range of +20 to +150°C.

OilLab 510 - Foaming Tester - Air Bath

News: new improvement on the Cleveland 670/SA Flash Point analyser.
The tool kit for the testing of bitumen is now available as optional accessory.
More power at your service, more benefits for your success.
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OilLab 670 - Cleveland: LAB-670-12-01, tools kit for bitumen

Linetronic Technologies SA designs and produces a range of laboratory and process analyzers widely used in the petrochemical industry and in many other kinds of production such as food industry, power plants, and pharmaceutical industries:

Automatic Analysers

Automatic Analysers

Manual and Semi-automatic Analysers

Manual and Semi-automatic Analysers

Linetronic Technologies's products are for:


Use of market standards (electronic, informatics, analyses).
Our analyses are based on the absolute respect of the analytical methods
ASTM, IP, ISO, EN, DIN. Moreover, our analytical systems can be customized
on the need of each client.


Incorporation of the analytical system within the Laboratory.
Incorporation of the analytical system onto the production lines
by respecting the norms.
Direct correspondence of the norms between the analytical systems
for laboratory and processing. Same method and same standard.

Comparable results, which give a total satisfaction and sureness to the user.
More speediness, developed efficiency, a direct link between
the laboratory and the production, user facility and low maintenance
costs of management.