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Laboratory and Process Analyzers

Additional Instruments • AnilineBitumenCalorimetryCentrifugeCold BehavioursColourimetryCorrosionDemulsibility and FoamingDensimetryDistillationFlash PointGum - RubberHydrometersLPGLubricating Greases and OilsOxidationPenetrationResiduesRustSedimentsSulfurThermometersVapour PressureViscosimetryWaterWax

Additional Instruments

Additional Instruments

CB-40800-M/10, Cryostat +10°C … -30°C

Cryostat - Thermostatic Bath

LT/HD-1280/S6: Heating Device Unit

Heating Device Unit

LT/FT-273000/M, muffle furnace

Muffle Furnace

DO-248000/F: Drying Oven


Pressure Gauges

Pressure Gauges

LAB-102-423: Steam Generator

Steam Generator


Thermostatic Bath

TB-72200/M: transfer bath

Transfer Bath

Vertical Furnace for Melting Application

LT/WB-123000/M: water bath

Water Bath

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