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Pensky Martens

CE marked
ASTM D93-A - ASTM D93-B - ASTM D6751
BS 684-1.17 - BS 2839 (obs.)
DIN 51758 (obs.)
EN 22719
FTM 141-4293 - FTM 791-110
IP 34-A - IP 34-B
ISO 2719-A - ISO 2719-B - ISO 15267
JIS K 2265
NF M07-019 (obs.)

From Method Flash Point by Pensky Martens Closed Cup Tester:
This test method covers the determination of the flash point of petroleum products in the temperature range from 35 to 360°C. Procedure A is applicable to distillate fuels (diesel, kerosene, heating oil, turbine fuels), new lubricating oils, and other homogeneous petroleum liquids not included in the scope of Procedure B.
Procedure B is applicable to residual fuel oils, cutback residual, used lubricating oils, mixtures of petroleum liquids with solids, petroleum liquids that tend to form a surface film under test conditions, or are petroleum liquids of such kinematic viscosity that they are not uniformly heated under the stirring and heating conditions of Procedure A..

PM-75500/M - Digital Electric Pensky Martens A and B Procedures

Digital Electric Pensky Martens A and B Procedures

PM-75000/DC - Semiautomatic Pensky Martens

Semiautomatic Pensky Martens ASTM D93 IP 34

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