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Salts in Crude Oil

OnLine 900, SIC - Salts in Crude Oil
CE marked
ASTM D3230
Standard Test Method for Salts in Crude Oil (Electrometric Method).

This test method covers the determination of the approximate chloride (salts) concentration in crude oil. The range of concentration covered is 3.5 mg/kg to 500 mg/kg or 1.0 lb/1000 bbl to 150 lb/1000 bbl (PTB) as chloride concentration/volume of crude oil.
This test method measures conductivity in the crude oil due to the presence of common chlorides, such as sodium, calcium, and magnesium. Other conductive materials may also be present in the crude oil.

Mixing system

The mixing system is composed by a motorized syringe fed by 6 tanks that are connected to a motorized 7 ways valve. The valve selects the tank from wich the solvent is pulled an has a position for pushing to the cell through a calibrated pipe that contains the fresh sampl of oil.

Sampling system
OnLine 900, SIC - Salts in Crude Oil
Technical Specifications
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